There is an urgent need to support public schools in the Greater New Haven area in building educational institutions that foster equitable outcomes, and ensure that all students learn in culturally sustaining spaces.

Please join us in investing in their future by donating to support Greater New Haven students & educators  today.

The inequalities in educational outcomes that have persisted for decades have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. New Haven Public School District has identified the recruitment, retention, and professional learning of their staff as a key priority in their strategic plan for 2024. There is a need to provide “individualized professional growth opportunities,” as part of the effort to retain high-quality staff, and to support the whole child.

CRJE has been receiving outreach from schools in the Greater New Haven area who are eager to support their students’ academic and social-emotional needs, but are lacking the financial resources to provide culturally-responsive professional development experiences for their educators. Your support will directly go towards providing workshops, resources, and ongoing support for educators and youth in historically under-resourced schools. These critical tools and resources are necessary for schools to take action and build culturally responsive educational environments.

Ways Your Support Will Help

Support for Educators on the Frontlines

School professionals are often the first to recognize signs of distress in students, but limited resources and training can leave them feeling unequipped. Through our trainings and individualized coaching, CRJE will equip educators and leaders with the tools and resources to deliver culturally responsive instruction and mental health services, in order to best support the academic and social-emotional needs of the youth in their care.


We must center and empower youth’s voices in order to enact change for their benefit. Our youth-facing programs develop youth’s racial-ethnic identity, critical consciousness, and collective efficacy. Critically, we utilize a youth-adult partnership model, in which adults are trained to share power with youth. Through our programming, youth gain leadership skills and participate in community research, and are empowered to articulate the changes that they want to see in their school environments.

These activities will center youth’s voices and position them as experts on their own experiences and community.


We believe that our work is best done in community. Through a series of interactive workshops, we bring together motivated educators and community members to deepen their analysis and provide a network of support as they enact culturally responsive and sustaining practices in their respective schools and learning environments.

Here are some ways you can support the youth and educators in Greater New Haven:

  • Donate: Your financial support is essential providing the critical resources needed for public schools in the Greater New Haven area. You can donate online or by sending a check.
    • Gifts by check should be made payable to “Center for Racial Justice in Education, Inc.” and mailed to: Center for Racial Justice in Education 2417 3rd Avenue, Suite 403 Bronx, NY 10451
  • Spread the word: Share this page with your friends, family, and network.

Together, we can build educational spaces in Greater New Haven where students are emotionally, physically, and academically thriving.

For over 20 years, the Center for Racial Justice in Education (CRJE) has worked to construct a new reality within our country’s public school system; a world where all young people learn and thrive in equitable and affirming educational spaces. CRJE’s partnerships with districts, schools, organizations, and community members result in empowered educators and leaders who are better equipped to shift classroom dynamics, re-write curriculum, and redesign institutional policies and practices in support of all students.