In 2001, Border Crossers was named and founded by Sachi Feris. From 2001 through 2010, Border Crossers worked directly with students, teaching them to “cross borders” with one another, to develop understandings that would help dismantle racism.

In 2010, the mission and direction of Border Crossers shifted to training educators to disrupt and dismantle racism in their classrooms, communities, and homes. We continue to believe in the power and potential of youth to advance racial justice, but we know that they cannot—nor should they—do it alone.

Since 2010, we have trained thousands of educators—from parents to teachers to coaches—to disrupt and dismantle racism wherever children learn, whether in a classroom, at the dinner table, or on a theater stage. 

For the last  18 years, we have grown and been known as Border Crossers.  The work of Border Crossers will live on as we continue to grow into a new identity and new name. Although our name has changed, our mission remains the same.  We remain steadfast in our belief that racism has deep roots in our institutions, in our families, and in our communities. There is no place of learning—no child, no educator—that is immune to its effects. We will continue to support educators in confronting the impact of race and racism in their own lives and the lives of the children in their care.  Lastly, together, we are constructing a new reality.  A world of racial justice where all children, their families, and their communities thrive.

We are now the Center for Racial Justice in Education, wherein dismantling racism, we are transforming communities—across New York City and nationwide.