My organization has partnered for 3+ years with CRJE on a yearly series of “Talking about Race” and “Taking Action on Race” trainings for our community of dozens of public schools in a large and diverse-but-segregated city.

This partnership has been transformational for educators at the schools we work with—and for our program team. After attending even 1-2 trainings with CRJE—and sustaining conversation, goal-setting, and action across our community—teams of educators at schools we work with are able to bring clarity, focus, and power to antiracism work.

As a community, we are developing and focusing our critical lens, taking strategic and contextualized action, and making sustained commitments to recognizing, interrogating, and dismantling racism. We see this work this as a powerful way to offer student-centered education to learners in public schools.

The trainers we have worked with have been clear, responsive, and overall amazing partners in our collaboration to build racial literacy and critical consciousness across our community. Thank you CRJE, for this vital and transformational partnership. Program Director of a School Program Partner


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