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Our Mission in Action

Our school has been working with The Center for Racial Justice in Education (CRJE) for two years, and we would highly recommend their services and training.

Our search for a program that focused on learning about and addressing bias and racism was met with many different options. However, CRJE’s variety of professional development offerings and commitment to tailoring work to the needs of our community stood out as unique.

Brooklyn RISE has partnered with CRJE to provide our staff with the following training sessions: Talking About Race, Talking About Impact: Unconscious Bias in Classrooms, and Taking Action: Strategies and Scenario Role Playing Practice.

CRJE’s mission to “empower educators to dismantle patterns of racism and injustice in schools and communities,” comes to life through targeted and meaningful facilitation from experienced and excellent educators. Their deep understanding and knowledge are reflected in the ways they acknowledge the different backgrounds and experiences of folks, responsively adjust curriculum, and provide resources for learning. This year, over 95% of our staff agreed that they learned information and tools that will be helpful to them in their work as educators, which mirrors feedback from last year. The learning our community has gained from CRJE has had a positive influence on our staff’s readiness and willingness to discuss and explore how racism and unconscious bias manifests for us as individuals, and as a community of educators.

Brooklyn RISE Charter School

East Harlem Tutorial Program has been working with Center for Racial Justice in Education since Spring 2016. CRJE has led multiple organization-wide trainings on various anti-racism topics including racial identity, microaggressions, and unconscious bias. Because of our organization’s commitment to becoming an anti-racist organization, we are working towards making sure this work is embedded in all parts of our organization.

CRJE trainings have infused a common mindset and armed us with a common language and approach to this work. Center for Racial Justice in Education has played an important role in supporting our organization in this challenging but crucial work. We have a tremendous respect for way the CRJE approaches the work – they care deeply about doing this work and are true partners in helping us in our journey to becoming an anti-racist organization.

East Harlem Tutorial Program

This has been easily the most impactful training I’ve ever done in any aspect of education.

— Training Participant, Middle School Teacher, Eugene, Oregon

Prior to attending the CRJE workshop, I was unsure whether or not to talk openly about race with young learners…because of my experience with CRJE, I have been able to navigate conversations with students and colleagues around the horrific racial injustices that have taken place in this nation recently, and have allowed myself to be more honest and bold in these conversations.

— Training Participant, “Talking About Race in the Classroom”

This training was excellent. I felt both supported as a person of color and also encouraged to dig into this work in a deep way. It was informative and also mindful of physical and emotional needs. The most significant learning I’m taking away is the understanding of how deeply and systemically racism/white supremacy exists in our country, and the strategies I’m taking away are how to intervene in the moment with breath, affirmation, and identification of racial identities/factors.

— Training Participant, “Talking About Race in the Classroom”