The Baker Butler Program

Youth-Adult Partnerships for Creative Racial Justice in Schools

Inspired by the legacies of Ella Baker and Octavia Butler, this program will utilize an arts-based pedagogical approach to target critical dialogue, creative expression, and youth-adult partnership, in order to advance racial justice in high school contexts.

Program Features

  • Racial justice analysis development. All participants will be guided in developing their critical racial analysis, political efficacy, and advocacy, and resilience, equipping them to apply and share expression for racial justice in their respective school environments.
  • Intergenerational. The program will bring together small groups of youth with 1-2 key adults in their school to develop their racial-ethnic identity, creative self-efficacy, critical consciousness and collective efficacy. Critically, we utilize a youth-adult partnership model, in which adults are trained to share power with youth.
  • Art-based. The program will utilize the arts as a space for collaboration, skill-building, empathy, and empowerment.

Program Goals

  • Freedom dream for a liberated school environment
  • Tap into creativity to read the world and resist and respond to oppressive structures of racism and white supremacy
  • Explore and apply the strategies and approaches of Ella Baker and Octavia Butler as they relate to collective liberation and social change
  • Young people and adults co-create power, such that the adults are advocates and supports for youth’s racial justice efforts.

Program Logistics

  • Length: Full week
  • Mode of delivery: In-Person
  • Participants: 5 high schools (4-5 youth + 1-2 adults per school)

*Our Talking About Race Training is a prerequisite for all adult participants.


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