From intensive one-day trainings, to longer-term, in-depth partnerships with organizations, schools, and districts, Center for Racial Justice in Education supports community members in disrupting and dismantling racism in all environments.

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Our approach to transformation involves working with individuals to move themselves, their colleagues, and the systems in which they are embedded. Our services are customized to each school or organization’s unique strengths and needs, and built on a foundation of strong relationships.


Data Collection and Analysis

All data collection processes are community-driven and culturally responsive. Organizations receive a set of recommendations along with the results.

  • Focus groups and interviews
  • Community surveys
  • Document and data analysis (Handbooks, achievement gaps, discipline data, existing climate surveys, curricula, etc.)

Training and Professional Development

Training and professional development sessions are tailored to the needs of each organization. We work with small teams and large, existing groups and groups that are newly forming. Topics we may cover include:

  • History of the social construct of race
  • Definitions and manifestations of racism in your organization
  • Identifying and reflecting on multiple social identities
  • Unconscious bias and microaggressions
  • Scenario analysis and roleplay to address racism
  • Lesson plan analysis
  • Building skills to facilitate conversations for racial justice
  • Racial affinity spaces

Ongoing Coaching and Consultations

To promote sustainable, systemic change, we partner with organizations over time. Coaching and consultation activities may include:

  • Building group identity and vision for racial justice
  • Data-informed goal setting
  • Strategic planning, implementation, and reflection
  • Resource curation and creation
  • Executive coaching

We challenge educators to confront the impact of racism on their own lives. We ask them to consider how they might have internalized racism or perpetuated racial bias and how this affects the children in their care. And we challenge educators to identify and examine systems that perpetuate racism—often in their very own organizations and institutions.

Together, we imagine what transformation looks like and requires—for each other, for our classrooms and institutions, for our world.

If you are interested in bringing CRJE to your school or organization, please fill out our inquiry form.