At the Center for Racial Justice in Education we recognize the importance of providing culturally sustaining, anti-racist holiday lessons, resources, and conversations with students and families during this Winter holiday season. While holidays are generally thought of as cultural practices, we also know that non-dominant cultures and religions are often racialized and seen as “other” in the United States, especially during this time.Although the holidays are regarded as a festive and happy time, we also acknowledge that this time of year can bring up a mix of emotions for students and families alike. Feelings of anxiety, sadness, and depression are common and can be amplified for families of color and marginalized communities.  We encourage educators to be mindful of how this holiday season is impacting young people in their schools.

In an effort to be affirming, reflective, and critical about how we approach and celebrate holidays as school communities, we offer a list of resources for educators and families that aims to provide inclusive understanding of religious holidays celebrations and strategies for supporting all students.

Resources for Educators on the Winter Holidays:

Christian Privilege, Hegemony, and the Winter Holiday Season:

Celebrating Kwanzaa:

Islam, Islamophobia, and the Winter Holiday Season:

Judaism, Anti-Semitism, and The Winter Holiday Season:

Whiteness and the Holidays:

Celebrating Los Tres Reyes Magos (Three Kings Day) and the Winter Holiday Season:

Mental Health and The Holidays: