Laura has her own consulting business and teaches as an adjunct at a social work graduate program and a social work doctorate program. With a passionate focus on racially and economically underserved and marginalized children, families, and communities, particularly in the public education and child welfare systems, Laura uses her 30-plus years of experience in social work and education to guide and advance individual, group, and organizational social justice learning and best practices. In this work, Laura brings a deep understanding of the vital importance for individuals, families, and communities to have a voice and shared power in the services they receive. Further, she critically understands the unique relationships and influences that impact the service user-service provider partnership experience. Laura uses this expertise to promote and build equity and liberatory-based stakeholder partnerships. In all she does, Laura aims to support future and current practitioners and leaders to envision and successfully implement systematic social justice and racial equity practice, supervision, program development, and policy change. In this, she brings her wealth of experience, flexibility, passion, leadership, and understanding that we are all lifelong learners in this work.

Laura is a licensed clinical social worker and holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Social Welfare, a Master of Science in Social Work, a Master of Science in Education, and a post-graduate certificate in systems family therapy.