alicia nance, PhD (ella/elle/she/they/we) is the descendant of enslaved Africans, a Diasporic Black (gender)queer femme somatic abolitionist, storyteller, youth-worker, doula, disrupter, racial justice strategist, cultural organiser, spiritual herbalist, and memory-, earth- and energy-worker rooted in the revolutionary legacies of her ancestors and immigrant communities. The wildest dreams of her ancestors, central to alicia’s work in education, are pro-liberation, healing-centred and culturally sustaining pedagogy; emergence; intergenerational community voice; co-conspiring; and eradicating anti-Blackness and adultism. With 25+ years as a radical educator and organiser, alicia, Founder of She Who Learns and Liberated Routes Freedom Farm, is co-creating grassroots liberated spaces that practice an expansive, inclusive, healing and joyful understanding of intersectional Blackness.