Position: Board Secretary

Association: Senior Director, The Arkin Group

Kehinde A. Togun is a Senior Director at The Arkin Group. He was previously the deputy director of PartnersGlobal Sub-Saharan Africa team where he led the portfolio of governance and security programs. Prior to Partners, Kehinde worked at the National Democratic Institute (NDI), with stints on the Eurasia, Middle East and North Africa, and Southern and East Africa teams. Kehinde also served as the Monitoring and Evaluation officer for NDI in Iraq; and during Nigeria’s 2011 elections, he trained and advised civil society in Delta state, Nigeria as they monitored the electoral process.

He previously worked with the Kigali-based Imbuto Foundation, writing a guide for parents on how to talk to children about sex and conducting a national evaluation of the African First Ladies’ Campaign, “Treat Every Child as Your Own.”