Baker Butler Program 

Youth Participants

The Baker Butler program will provide youth with experiences, insights, and tools to deepen their analysis of racial justice and lean into their creative and artistic capacities for expression and sparking change. Youth who will benefit most from this program are those who have a passion for artistic expression, and who yearn to make change in their communities. We are looking for students who are willing to engage in self-reflection, collaboration with peers and adults, courageous communication, and artistic expression. Students who are energized by the pursuit of racial justice are highly encouraged to join.

Ideal Candidates

  • Do you consider yourself a creative person? An artist?
  • Are you an aspiring change-maker? Do you see issues of racial justice that you would like to address in the world or at your school?
  • Do you see yourself as a leader? Do others look to you for leadership in your home, school, or community?
  • Do you like working in groups/teams?
  • Are you open to listening to other people’s ideas, perspectives, and experiences?

Recruitment / Application Process

  • Please share with us, what interests you about the Baker Butler program?
  • Presenting as your most creative self, tell us about yourself in a creative way. You can use words, sounds, or visuals that are your original work, or choose someone else’s work that you feel represents you.
    • Share 1-3 written paragraph(s) or a 30-60 second video of your reflections on why your choice is representative of you.

Space is limited, so we will be choosing participants who put forth their most creative effort.

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