Nina Harmande is a white, cisgender, woman. She is an early childhood educator at heart, but has taught every age from infants through 5th grade over the past 20 years. She currently teaches theater at The Calhoun School, where her focus is on identity development, and holds the strong belief that theater can be a tool for creating social change. It can make the audience think critically and has the power to change the playwrights and actors in the process. Outside of her school arena, Nina facilitates white affinity spaces at the White Privilege Conference, the CARLE Institute, and is currently serving on the leadership team of WARE (White Anti-Racist Educators in Independent Schools). She also leads white affinity spaces for young children. Nina was a presenter at the 2014 Little Chairs, Big Differences conference where she co-led with her colleague of color in a workshop titled “Identity Work is Not Just For Children of Color.” Nina does all this in service of dismantling the system of white supremacy.