Janelle Naomi Rouse is an educator, speaker, and artist born in Washington, D.C. Her work as an education consultant is focused on liberating the minds of members of the African Diaspora through decolonizing education and art. As an educator, Rouse uses her knowledge gained in her Bachelors of Psychology and a Masters in the Art of Teaching to develop learning environments that are both culturally responsive and empowering.

In 2015 she began working in New York City Charter Schools as an elementary school instructor. After completing the Critically Conscious Educators Rising Series (CCER) through New York University, Rouse began to present at multiple conferences and events. In the past few years, her curricula, presentations and art center on the African experience. Through each of her consulting practices, Rouse has helped to better inform educators on how to approach education through the Afro-centric curriculum and support. Her list of presentations and speaking engagements include “Network to Networth”, and “The Absence of the Black Educator” at Columbia University, and the Decolonizing Education Conference amongst a host of others on art, education and African-Diasporic learning.

Rouse has continued her work as an educator and exploring ways to use her artistry to build culturally relevant learning environments that are supportive of youth developing a strong sense of self that allows them to actively participate in transforming the condition of their communities through the liberation of their minds and understanding of historical experiences.