Corey Pickering is a mom, teacher, student, and organizer. She is active in her community in Brooklyn, using the Antiracist Principles from the People’s Institute to organize with community leaders for immigrant rights, prison and slavery abolition, and education justice. She is active in the Reparations and antiracist genealogy movements.

Corey co-designed, taught, and trained others to teach critical history and SEL advisory curricula. She has a background in world history and religious studies. She loves working with young people to help them find themselves and their family’s story in the broader sweep of history. She taught high school history for ten years and was a founding middle school teacher, building and teaching in the program for six years. Youth leadership development and participatory action research in schools are highlights of her teaching career.

Since 2009 she has been active in the racial justice education and the antiracist movement. For the last five years, Corey has facilitated workshops and consulted with school staff and non-profit boards alongside mentors and racial justice organizations, including CRJE. Currently, she is pursuing a doctorate of education in leadership and organizational change.

Spending time exploring outside with family and friends is her favorite way to recharge.