Dr. Carole A. Cobb is a twenty-year certified transformational coach specializing in leadership development, diversity and equity training, culturally responsive education, and personal development as well as a ten-year adjunct professor of teacher education and theology. She spent fourteen years teaching in Detroit Public Schools, three years as an Assistant Principal in Saginaw Community Township Schools, eleven years teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and four years as its District Program Coordinator of Closing the Achievement Gap and the Academic English Mastery Program (for students for whom Standard English is not their first language).

With 30+ years of experience in education from secondary teaching and administration to Interim Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs, she has developed a panoramic view of how to bring about continuous improvement initiatives that promote personal and systemic changes through equity pedagogies; addressing racial injustices; and identifying/redirecting bias practices within institutions and organizations. Her goal is to offer new ways of thinking and doing that bring about the humane treatment of all by creating healthy learning and living environments in which racial justice communities of practice are established, sustained, and flourish. This requires taking a ‘no-holds-barred’ approach to change and embracing the truth that we all have a stake in preserving humanity.