Dr. Blanca Ruiz is a Puerto Rican Brooklyn native. After attending public elementary and middle school, Blanca received an opportunity to attend high school at an independent school which was a 15-minute bus ride from her home. It was then that Blanca saw the disparity in education based on race and class. Rather than pursue the originally planned path of law, Blanca decided to pursue education where she has taught and served as a school leader.

Blanca has a doctorate in Educational Leadership with a focus on Authenticity in Latina Leadership; her research was sparked by her own experience as well as similar ones to the numerous women of color who she coached who similarly found it challenging to use their authentic voice in white dominant organizations. Blanca currently works independently to blend her leadership development experience with her racial justice and critical consciousness lens as a trainer for organizations, schools, leaders and parents, as well as serving as a leadership coach.

Blanca is a wife and mother of two who continue to teach her the importance of honesty, constant learning and unapologetic presence.