Blanca Ruiz-Williams graduated Georgetown University abandoning the notion of being a lawyer, and instead pursuing a career as a teacher. She began her teaching career as a TFA corp member in Paterson, NJ teaching 3rd grade bilingual. After her two-year commitment, Blanca came back to her home state where she taught 5th and 6th grade. Reading at KIPP Academy in the Bronx for 6 years. In those six years, she earned a title of Director of Solutions – by far one of the coolest titles ever – which is simply translated to Dean.

Blanca then became a principal for four years, before moving on to her roles as Director of Leadership Development and Leadership Coach. In her 15 years with KIPP NYC, Blanca had the privilege of seeing her 1st class graduate high school and college, and become teachers across KIPP.

Blanca received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2015 with a focus on authenticity in Latina leadership and increasing racial consciousness in schools/organization. She also gains amazing joy in spending quality time with her amazing husband, and two beautiful, courageous and curious children who continue to teach her the infinite capacity to love, learn and be comfortable in who we are.