Anyanwu Glanville​ has been grounded in building connection between people and communities over the last 20 years in Education, Youth Development and Social Justice work. Influenced by her mother, community leaders and ministers in Marin City, CA during her adolescent years she gained a commitment to the legacy of The Civil Rights Movement and Black Panther Party. An experience of persistance and resiliance in the face of struggle led her to learn and receive a BA under the wings of professors in the field of Pan African Studies while researching the sociological impact of racial oppression and transgenerational trauma.

She is now focused on the impact, outcome and healing interventions of PTSD while completing her MA in Human Rights Education from the University of San Francisco. Using social and emotional learning and social justice work she desires safe strategies to disobey societal oppression, unpack experiences of trauma and restore will, hope and connection within the individual and between people.

As a co-founder of THEHUMANROOT she is curating a dream of building a crossroad between lived experiences, critical research and emotional connection to create spaces for human beings to resist oppression and take collective action.