Position: Research Intern

Michelle is a third-year student at the University of California, Irvine. Coming from Silicon Valley, she was exposed to a fast-paced environment that left many of her peers behind. Her relationship with her high school teachers fostered a passion for education and learning and she hopes one day she can become knowledgeable enough to solve crossword puzzles without asking for their hints. Today, she is in continual pursuit of knowledge as a campuswide honors student pursuing a double major in Social Policy and Public Service and Education Sciences as well as a minor in Management. At UCI, she is also involved in various organizations (the Student Parent Orientation Program, the Dean’s Ambassador Council for School of Social Sciences, a Sierra Programmer for the Sierra Hall in Mesa Court, and more) – all of which follow an underlying theme reflective of her own values: empowerment, inclusion, and intentionality.
Over the course of her life, she hopes to positively affect as many people around her as she can and leave them with their lives changed for the better. She hasn’t won the Nobel Peace Prize or found a cure for cancer, but she has mediated arguments between 10-year-olds and found a fantastic cure for sadness: a caring heart and chocolate chip cookies. Ultimately, her goal is to serve as a voice for marginalized communities and become a person of consequence: one who inspires others to look beyond themselves, to work for the greater good, and to dream daring dreams