Working Together for Racial Justice

Interested in advancing racial justice in your school, organization, or other learning environment? The Center for Racial Justice can come to you, in-person or virtually.

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The Baker-Butler Program

Inspired by the legacies of Ella Baker and Octavia Butler, this program utilizes an art-based pedagogical approach to target critical dialogue, creative expression, and youth-adult partnership, in order to advance racial justice in high school communities.

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Featured Initiatives

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We train educators – teachers, youth development professionals, nonprofit and school administrators, parents and other caregivers - to identify and interrupt racism, and to model what racial justice looks like in classrooms and communities—where all children are valued, respected, and safe.

Working Together for Racial Justice

The Center for Racial Justice in Education supports educators in disrupting and dismantling racism wherever children learn. We deliver professional development training, coaching, consultants, and in-depth programming to K-12 educators, administrators, youth workers, and parents across public, charter, and independent schools and districts, as well as a variety of organizations that directly serve students. In training educators we’re strengthening their ability to shift practices and policies in favor of racial justice. Dismantling racism in our individual relationships and institutions is no easy task. But through our trainings and deep partnerships, we support our partners in figuring out where best to begin, and to realize just how far they can go.

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