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By supporting the Community for Anti-Racist Educators (CARE) leadership program, you are making it possible for educators to participate in the 5-month program, regardless of their school’s ability to pay.

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Professional Development, Executive Coaching, and more

Dismantling racism in our individual relationships and institutions is no easy task. But through our trainings, consultations, coaching, and deep partnerships, we support educators in figuring out where best to begin, and to realize just how far they can go.

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Featured Initiatives

The Baker-Butler Youth-Adult Partnership Program

Inspired by the legacies of Ella Baker and Octavia Butler, this program utilizes an art-based pedagogical approach to target critical dialogue, creative expression, and youth-adult partnership, in order to advance racial justice in high school communities.

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Featured Initiatives

Community of Anti-Racist Educators Leadership Program

CARE is designed to answer the call of educators across the country, a call for opportunities for continued learning, healing and restorative practices to center one’s well-being, peer to peer connection, and engagement in sustained communities of practices that goes deeper and beyond one-day professional development sessions.

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Our Impact

Since 2012, CRJE has trained thousands of educators across the United States. We are constructing a new reality: a world of racial justice where all children, their families, and their communities thrive.