At the Center for Racial Justice in Education, we strongly believe that every educator has the power and potential to create racially just and equitable learning environments for the children in their care.

From intensive one-day trainings, to longer-term, in-depth partnerships with organizations and schools, the Center for Racial Justice in Education supports educators in disrupting and dismantling racism wherever children learn—for their own benefit, for the benefit of the children in their care, for the benefit of the broader communities in which they live.

We challenge educators to confront the impact of racism on their own lives. We ask them to consider how they might have internalized racism or perpetuated racial bias and how this affects the children in their care. And we challenge educators to identify and examine systems that perpetuate racism—often in their very own organizations and institutions.

Together, we imagine what transformation looks like and requires—for each other, for our classrooms and institutions, for our world.

Border Crossers engaging community at a workshop