Teachers Get Schooled on Talking Race

Teachers Get Schooled on Talking Race

· by Beth Fertig

Here’s the scenario: a teenage boy and girl are arguing about the presidential election in their school cafeteria. The boy tells the girl he’s supporting Trump because …

How Social Studies can help kids make sense of the world

How social studies can help young kids make sense of the world

Civic engagement matters today more than ever, yet social studies in the early grades are sidelined. To make up for this absence, some educators seek outside training on

Facing Race: Building For Racial Justice in Schools Post- Election

Facing Race: Building for Racial Justice In Schools Post-Election

By Nuala Cabral

Last Thursday, over two thousand people from across the country came together in Atlanta for Facing Race, a national conference on racial justice. Organized by the NY-based nonprofit 

Resources for Educators and Families about Immigration and DACA

The history of immigration policy in the United States has long-been informed by racism and white supremacy, which has put forth ideas about who belongs and which groups are deemed “worthy” of consideration into the nation. From the Naturalization Act

A Racial Justice Guide to Thanksgiving

As we enter this holiday season, this resource is intended to support educators and families as we address the true story of Thanksgiving.

This guide provides resources that range from lesson plans to narratives that uplift the perspectives and contributions …